SCHEDULED DEPARTURES - all flights subject to change without notice


Airline Frequency Flight Type Destination Time
Delta Sun-Sat 5128


Atlanta  5:40 AM
Delta Mon-Sat 5315 CRJ Atlanta  7:40 AM
Delta Sun-Sat 5244 CRJ Atlanta  9:00 AM
Delta Sun-Fri 5337 CRJ Atlanta 11:55 AM
Delta Sun-Sat 5067  CRJ Atlanta   1:15 PM
Delta Sun-Fri 5102 CRJ Atlanta   2:15 PM
Delta Sun-Fri 5183 CRJ Atlanta   2:50 PM
Delta Sun-Fri 5301 CRJ Atlanta   4:15 PM
Delta Sun-Fri 5300 CRJ Atlanta   5:51 PM
US Air Sun-Sat 3045 CRJ Charlotte   6:00AM
US Air Mon-Fri 2408 CRJ Charlotte 11:50 AM
US Air Sun-Fri 3058 CRJ Charlotte   3:16 PM
US Air Mon-Fri 2320 CRJ Charlotte   6:40 PM
Am Eagle Sun-Sat 2737 ERJ Dallas-Ft Worth   7:00 AM
Am Eagle Sun-Sat 2910 ERJ Dallas-Ft Worth 11:15 PM
Am Eagle Sun-Fri 2759 ERJ Dallas-Ft Worth   5:55 PM


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ATR: Aerospatiale Turboprop ERJ: Embraire Regional Jet
CRJ: Canadair Regional Jet  
All flights subject to change without notice.



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